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What is Energy Law

Energy Law relates to the laws that govern the use, regulation, and conservation of energy. Energy laws are typically designed to both ensure the safety of energy consumers as well as to provide for increasingly efficient electronics and appliances.

Technology and Energy

As society advances technologically, its energy needs increase, as well. As a result, energy laws are becoming more and more important. Similarly, as new energy sources emerge, such as nuclear and fusion, the laws that apply to energy must combat the issues and dangers inherent in the production and distribution of these types of energy and their underlying technology.

Energy Taxes

Energy laws also relate to the taxation of energy services, both renewable and non-renewable. These tax laws include both utility taxes as well as the taxes paid at the pump for a gallon of gasoline. They also include taxes imposed upon entities that remove fossil fuels from the ground.


Energy law practitioners are also called upon, as with other industry driven specialty fields, to provide advice on a broad range of other legal matters that touch on the energy industry. For example, contracts, employment disputes, land acquisition, intellectual property rights, and many others.

For more information on energy law, please refer to the resources found below or, for an attorney in your area, please check out our Law Firms page.


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درباره تارنما

سحرم دولت بیدار به بالین آمد
گفت برخیز که آن خسرو شیرین آمد
قدحی درکش و سرخوش به تماشا بخرام
تا ببینی که نگارت به چه آیین آمد


آزادی بیان و ارائه فکر و عقیده از حقوق طبیعی هر انسان است.
این تارنما را ایجاد نمودم
تا آنچه از حقوق و تجارت در ذهن دارم
از عرصه اندیشه به میدان قلم بیاورم.
لذت تجارت به حدی است که فلسفه و سیاست روح مرا تعالی نمی دهد.
تجارت پایه و اساس
سعادت و خوشبختی هر جامعه است.
محمد بن عبدالله (ص) فرمود :
«اگر نان نبود،
ما نماز نمی خواندیم و روزه نمی گرفتیم».
تجارت را برگزیدم
تا دل و دین و دنیا نیز با من باشد.

روح الله خـلـجی


Le régime juridique de l'Iran droit beaucoup à celui de la France. Le droit civil, le droit du commerce, le droit public, les notions utiles et fréquentes du droit pénal ainsi que les jurisprudences de la cour suprême de la France ont toujours été utilisés comme des modèles pour les juristes, les législateurs et les juges iraniens. L'école de droit et des affaires essaie d'introduire les lois et les jurisprudences françaises et promouvoir ainsi l'influence du régime juridique français sur celui de l'Iran
Rouhollah KHALAJI
Avocat et conseiller juridique